Who We Are

Our team consists of gerontologists and technologists that are committed to improving the lives of older adults, people living with memory loss, and their caregivers.

What We Believe

  • Older adults can maintain connections and purpose throughout the lifespan.
  • The Connect app promotes comfortable moods that help keep people happy and reduce agitation and anxiety.
  • Caregivers need effective tools that support establishing best practices.
  • Technology can help care teams enhance collaboration and build personalized engagement routines.
Debby Dodds, MS Profile Picture

Debby Dodds, MS

Director of Caregiver Engagement

Debby Dodds has a Masters of Gerontology in Aging Services from the University of Massachusetts, Boston where she is an advisor to and teaches in the program. She was an employed, unpaid family dementia caregiver a decade. She is an early pioneer in the use of mobile devices for personalized engagement with people that are living with dementia. Her family and professional care team were the first ever users of the Connect app. She is passionate about helping other care professionals leverage everyday technology to provide more personalized care.

Nacole Potteiger Profile Picture

Nacole Potteiger

Chief Design Officer

Nacole has a passion for design and storytelling. She enjoys putting her graphic design, web development, and animation skills to work to convey information in new and creative ways. After years of health struggles and minimal improvements via traditional approaches, she began seeking a more holistic solution. Simple (not always easy) lifestyle changes were what finally allowed her to start feeling like herself again. She loves being part of a company that always prioritizes the person over the disease and knows there is still joy to be shared regardless of the diagnosis.

Brent Kensey Profile Picture

Brent Kensey

Chief Technology Officer

Brent is a builder and maker at heart, with a background in federal civil service and software development, and a fascination with systems improvement in healthcare. Although he doesn't have personal experience with dementia care, working with this team has taught him much about how the disease progresses, how it can affect family members, and most importantly, how to hold onto hope and a sense of meaning throughout the disease’s progression. With the right tools, perspective and care practice, it is still possible to live life with joy and connection. He is dedicated to building accessible and delightful tools for the sake of families and caregivers.

Paul Velencia Profile Picture

Paul Velencia

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is not a digital native, but has extensive business experience and has served as a family caregiver. Paul spent 30 years in the financial services business, before taking on the role of CEO of a web-based technology startup for 10 years. At Generation Connect, Paul leads business development and strategic partnerships.

Thomas “Tido” Carriero Profile Picture

Thomas “Tido” Carriero


Before its acqusition by Twilio, Tido worked as the Chief Product Officer at Segment, a customer data platform company based in San Francisco. He graduated from Harvard University with a degree in Computer Science. Tido has spent his entire career in the Silicon Valley, first worked at Facebook as an engineering manager from 2008 -2012, then at Dropbox from 2012 – 2015. At Dropbox, he led the product engineering efforts and was responsible for the development of the original Dropbox for Business product. Tido brings extensive experience scaling businesses and finding product-market fit.