A Digital Therapeutics App for Dementia Care

Helping people with dementia and their care partners treat behavioral symptoms through evidence-based routines & rituals.

The Problem

Memory Loss is a Barrier to Connection & Purpose

Meaningful relationships and familiar routines can be a source of comfort and joy in the lives of people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Unfortunately, as symptoms progress, so do barriers to connection and purpose. Memory loss can make communicating with others and engaging in favorite pastimes increasingly difficult — often leaving people with dementia and their care partners feeling withdrawn, anxious, lost, or angry.

The Future

Creating a Cycle of Connection

The Generation Connect (GC) App empowers people with memory loss and their teams to stay engaged and connected. The mobile app helps teams establish routines and rituals that have been shown to reduce troubling symptoms, enhance wellbeing and spark cognition.

Person with Dementia

Getting involved can help people with dementia direct and personalize their own care through curating memories, photos, music playlists, and preferences.

Primary Family Caregiver

The GC App helps the primary caregiver learn new skills, keep others involved, and better support professionals that help with respite care.

Professional Caregivers

Professional caregivers are equipped with a tool for making connections, facilitating comforting experiences, and building trust.

Family & Friends

Near or far, families can be involved in their loved one’s life by staying connected and contributing their unique insights and memories via the GC App.

Connie Shultz

Professional Caregiver | Visiting Angels York, PA

"I have been with my client for years, and his family is so supportive. They’re actively involved and helped support me every step of the way. And even though his memory has declined over the years, we use the GC app to stay active and connected through his love of family and country music. We have developed a truly special bond and it is an honor to care for him."

Rooted in Research

Evidence-based Behavioral Therapies for People Living with Dementia

While there are limited pharmaceutical treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia, research shows that specific lifestyle practices can help limit stressful symptoms, enhance wellbeing and improve cognition.

The Generation Connect App intelligently prompts family care partners and authorized healthcare workers to explore research-backed behavioral interventions, including:

  • Social customs & outings
  • Reminiscing
  • Personalized music
  • Cognitive stimulation
  • Physical activity
  • Relaxation & leisure activities

Our Solution

The App

The Generation Connect App helps people living with dementia and their care partners explore sources of strength, build purposeful routines, and develop meaningful rituals.

Explore Sources of Strength

Skills and strengths persist throughout all stages of dementia. Cherished memories, hobbies, relationships, music, and even household tasks can be sources of strength.

Building Purposeful Routines

People with dementia rely on their care partners to guide routines that are familiar and comforting.

Developing Meaningful Rituals

Rituals do not have to be religious or spiritual. With rituals, you are fully engaged on the experience of the task, rather than its completion.
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Digital Therapeutics

What are digital therapeutics?

Digital therapeutics are software programs designed to prevent, manage, or treat a medical disorder or disease. A common approach to digital therapeutics involves prompting people to adopt behaviors that have been demonstrated to improve outcomes.

The Generation Connect App is rooted in research, with a focus on helping people with cognitive impairment and their care teams adopt non-drug interventions that have been demonstrated to improve clinical outcomes.

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