For Senior Living Communities and Nursing Homes

The Generation Connect (GC) App can help Senior Living Communities and Nursing Homes reduce behavioral issues and improve care worker satisfaction, by involving families and providing a tool to monitor meaningful engagement in the lives of residents with dementia.

A Tool for Personalizing Care

Curate Meaningful Memories, Topics
Stay Connected with Loved Ones Near & Far
Enhance Collaboration with Healthcare Teams
Adopt Research-backed, Therapeutics
Receive Intelligent Notifications & Alerts
Track Progress Over Time

Providing Frontline Staff with Real-time Access to Loved Ones, Memories, & Engagement Trends

Senior Living Communities and nursing homes have limited time and resources for engaging residents living with dementia. These challenges can be exasperated by staffing turnover and shortages.


The GC App provides frontline caregivers with a tool to help curate meaningful content, facilitate family connections, and monitor engagement trends. Our team of clinical and technology experts help senior living communities get up and running with limited upfront, administrative effort.

Training and support includes:

  • Case Manager Onboarding - Your clinical team learns how to set up clients and customize the experience to align with clinical goals.
  • Gerontologist-led Family Onboarding - One of our master's level geriatric specialists will lead an introductory call with family, caregivers, and case managers.
  • HIPAA compliant tablets - We deploy and manage tablets in the community to support client and caregiver engagements.
  • Intelligent alerts and notifications - Care staff receives nudges to engage clients based on symptoms, social activity, and client preferences.
  • Reports and insights - Over time, the platform learns client strengths and encourages purposeful routines. Key insights and suggestions are shared with the case management team.
  • Engagement dashboard - Directors and case managers can view engagement trends (including insights related to socialization, identity/purpose, and music) across all participating clients.