For Researchers

The Generation Connect (GC) App provides researchers with a suite of tools to assess a variety social engagement and support interventions. It is the first tablet-based solution specifically designed for primary caregivers to collect outcome data, while dynamically promoting personalized engagement and facilitating communication between multiple stakeholders.

A Tool for Personalizing Care

Curate Meaningful Memories, Topics
Stay Connected with Loved Ones Near & Far
Enhance Collaboration with Healthcare Teams
Adopt Research-backed, Therapeutics
Receive Intelligent Notifications & Alerts
Track Progress Over Time

Assessing the Impact of Behavioral and Social Interventions in Real Time


The GC App helps Area Agencies on Aging and other community-based resource centers expand on existing training programs and support groups for dementia - by providing access to a tool that delivers personalized interventions, monitors engagement trends, and recommends research-backed behavorial interventions.

Over the years, our team has collaborated with research universities to optimize the GC App for collecting a variety of non-clinical and clinical data to support research efforts in dementia care settings.

Key features include:

  • Automated electronic consent and onboarding for family caregivers and healthcare professionals
  • Adaptive mobile app notifications and user nudges to encourage adoption of a variety of psychosocial, behavioral interventions (music, reminiscing, social outings, etc.)
  • Real-time dashboard view of client participation and engagement trends
  • Integration of clinical assessments that can be digitally assigned and deployed, with automated followup and alerts for missing data.
  • De-identified data exports
  • Configuration and management of tablets to ensure HIPAA compliant integration of training resources, telehealth services, and other relevant software applications