For Families

The GC App encourages people with dementia and their care partners to lean into personal strengths to stay socially and cognitively active.


A Tool for Personalizing Care

Curate Meaningful Memories, Topics
Stay Connected with Loved Ones Near & Far
Enhance Collaboration with Healthcare Teams
Adopt Research-backed, Therapeutics
Receive Intelligent Notifications & Alerts
Track Progress Over Time

Helping People with Dementia Stay Active & Connected

Guiding Social Engagement with the Help of Family, Case Managers, Care Aides, and Other Healthcare Professionals


The Generation Connect App enables people living with dementia and their families to collaborate with healthcare teams to develop personalized routines and rituals.

People with dementia and their care partners:

  • Build a profile, including a curated collection of meaningful life stories, photos, music playlists, and relationships
  • Receive personalized suggestions for daily practices that have been shown to reduce symptoms related to anxiety, agitation, and depression.
  • Collaborate with care aides and other members of the healthcare team in building routines and rituals with known therapeutic benefits.
  • Receive updates from care aides and other healthcare professionals regarding new engagement activities, trends, and opportunities.
  • Receive updates from case managers and other healthcare professionals regarding changes in clinical outcomes and care planning.